Here’s a schedule of my upcoming cookery classes. If you’d like to go on one please use the cookery school’s website.

Loaf Cookery School – Stirchley, Birmingham
London BBQ School – Peckham, London

I also do private lessons, please get in touch if you’d like to have one.

January 2020

15th Bao & Dumpling 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)
16th Thai 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)
29th Japan 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)
30th Ramen and Noodles 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)

February 2020

5th Knife Skills 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)
6th Macaron 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)
12th Bao & Dumpling 6:30pm – 9pm (Loaf)
15th Seafood Masterclass 10:30pm – 4pm (Loaf)
27th Pork Butchery and Charcuterie 9:30pm – 4pm (Loaf)

7 thoughts on “Teach

    • Hi the next Japanese class is 20th October. It includes sushi, sashimi, also Japanese home cooked dishes such as miso soup, aubergines, rice and fried chicken.


    • Hi yes, there’s a cancellation tomorrow for the fish course if you’re interested. Otherwise there will be regular courses throughout the year. If you’re interested in shellfish let Loaf know and we’ll organise a class.


  1. Hi Lap-Fai.

    It’s coming up to my husbands birthday and he has always wanted to learn to make sushi. You’re course seems the best but I can’t find any availability for your Japanese class. Please could you let me know when the next course will be in Birmingham. Ideally due to his work schedule, it’ll be better on a Friday/Saturday night if possible.


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