The Foodist

“People change, They gain a peach but they lose one too”

A year is a long time, but for me this past year has flown by. From being full time employed and studying to be a qualified actuary, through planning a restaurant then actually opening a bakery and then quitting a bakery. To now, writing this blog post.

I’m Lap-fai Lee, Lap to everyone who knows me and to those same people they also know I’m obsessive about food, especially cooking it. Hence The Foodist. Or if you like, a cross between a foodie (yuk!) and a fascist because I usually have a few things to say about what people eat even as they’re chewing it.

So follow this blog if you want to know what I’m eating but especially if you want to read about good food and how to cook it. Or if you just want to look at some nice photos of food.


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