The Smoke & Umami Recipes

It’s not my first time food blogging, my buddy Nick at let me loose on his blog a couple of years ago. We started the mighty Birmingham and West Midlands Food Map that highlighted places to eat and shop for food in our conurbation. Although obsolescent since Feb 2014 it’s still quite relevant which may be an indictment of our dining scene. Nevermind, I’ve always thought home cooking was more fun anyway! Here are the recipes and other home-cooking blogs that I’ve posted on smokeandumami:

Kabayaki Unagi

Real deal eel, grilled Japanese style with sweet soy glaze.

Chilli Bean Paste Taste Test

Avoid the confused gawping in the Chinese supermarket aisle.

Razor Clam Musings

All you need to know about cooking razor clams but didn’t realise you needed to know it.

How to Butcher a Pork Shoulder for BBQ

Tell your butt from your elbow.

Cooking a Fat Steak

The Ducasse method for slow cooking a fat steak to perfection.

How to smoke an eel

Because you’ve always wanted to.

An Ode to the Reuben Sandwich

Apparently it’s my favourite sandwich.

Cantonese Lobster Noodle 龍蝦麵

Introduce auspicious long life and good fortune to your family meals.

Hainan Chicken Rice 海南雞飯

Chinese comfort food.

Beef Cheek Rendang

Sticky rich curry dish, don’t put up with lousy imitations.


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